Hurricane You

from B E F O R E by How I Became Invisible



Where did we go, what did we do
How did I end up here with you
With gun in my hand and blood on my breath
Two warrants, a good chance for arrest
I find myself gagged up and bound
Metaphorically to your point of view
Is this a means to your wicked end
Or have I taken the fall again for you

Sober and simple, afraid of a friend
I trip over words and stumble to the end
Of an era to sticking to what I don't know
Would always be the trend
I call you and call you and won't ever win
Out over the silence that I can't begin
To callously discard and try to let go
As hurricane you starts to blow

I trip over sidewalks, I slam into doors
I step in traffic, my face to the floor
I'm bruised up and beaten by what I don't know
I'm cracked, I'm scarred, I'm sore
I'm twisting and turning around in the air
I'm the worst thing that happened, well at least I cared
I want you to listen, I want you to know
As hurricane you starts to blow


from B E F O R E, released April 17, 2020




How I Became Invisible Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

songs about science, sadness, anger, and transition. we're all in this together. so raise your fist and start to sing.

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