Yeah, I'm old but I'm underrated
And I don't want to overstate it
But I'm more panicked every single day
Yeah, I'm working and I get by
On a diet of alcohol and Facetime
But I miss my friends and the songs we'd play

There's empty tables everywhere
And darkened theatres; I swear
I saw a ghost last night
In my backyard staring
My tremor's getting worse somehow
I can't help remembering how down
I felt 8 years ago and
Maybe it's worse now

I write songs but no one hears me
I'm fucking sad, don't say I'm lazy
And it just keeps getting worse each day
We're all here hoping it gets better
Trying to get to now from never
And I just can't bring myself to say
I'm ok

That I'm ok
That you're ok
That I'm ok
That we're ok

We can make it top side
We can crawl out of this mess we"re in
I can make it top side
I can climb out, I'll be whole again


from Top Side And Almost Human, released May 1, 2020




How I Became Invisible Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

songs about science, sadness, anger, and transition. we're all in this together. so raise your fist and start to sing.

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